Attend a webinar now

In order to attend a webinar, you need to have pre-registered with SANTEC and you need to have a valid session number.

The webinars will be conducted using the "Netviewer Meet" software platform.

Please login to the webinar approx. 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start, following these easy two steps:

Step 1:
In the window below, please enter the provided session number and enter your name (i.e. participant's first and last name) for identification purposes.


Step 2:
Click on the "Join now" button.

The "Netviewer Meet" webinar software opens automatically. You are now logged-on to the webinar and will be able to follow the presentation.

In case of logon difficulties:
In case you are not able to logon to the webinar or if you experience technical problems (e.g. no picture, no audio), please try one of the following alternative options:

Option A:
Click on "Netviewer Meet Web Client" in the above window and then enter the session number and your name.

Option B:
If option A fails too, you can download the "Netviewer Meet" software directly to your computer/laptop and then access the webinar from here.
Download Netviewer Meet software  (exe-format, 1.19 MB)

Asking questions during the webinar:
During the webinar, i.e while the trainer is giving his presentation, you may ask questions at any time using the Netviewer chat function. Just type-in your questions or comments and the trainer will answer (either also by chat or verbally).