Software tools

Here you will find various tools (free downloads).

Remote maintenance tool

When getting in contact with the SANTEC service team, our remote maintenance tool enables our staff to directly connect to your computer. Hence our service team can check your computer configurations to analyse and solve your technical problems in a fast and convenient way.

The remote maintenance tool doesn't require any special settings or preparations from your end. All you need to do is to tell our service staff about the data which the software displays in order for the staff to establish a connection to your computer.

The remote maintenance tool is a very secure system. It runs via fully secured data channels with 1024 Bit RSA key exchange and 256 Bit AES session encoding.

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SANTEC remote maintenance tool  (EXE format, 1.50 MB)


IP Finder

The SANTEC IP Finder enables you to install a tool onto your computer which allows you to find and identifiy IP cameras in the network without needing to know their IP addresses.

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SANTEC IP Finder (ZIP format, 4.80 MB)