Acces Control

TSE Home & Business: Trendsetting comfort. Superior security technology.

BURG-WÄCHTER is one of the leading manufacturers of padlocks and locking systems and is also a pioneer in the development of electronic door locking systems.

TSE Home & Business brings state-of-art security technology into everyday use – from entry door to garage. As a user you will get a completely new sense of security thanks to not needing a mechanical key anymore. The radio key TSE E-KEY, the FINGERSCAN module or the PINCODE keypad make the everyday door opening not only more comfortable but it also makes you feel safe and secure.

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Keys can easily be lost - but not a finger!

Biometry for front doors by BURG-WÄCHTER. Winner of the iF product design award. The TSE Business Set 5012 with Fingerscan in a practical test.

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TSE System - Developed for a world without keys.

Step into the future: Doors open electronically, not manually - it is easy with the radio-controlled TSE System. A fingerprint, a pin code, a transponder card, a transponder chip or a radio key replace the traditional metal key.

The TSE System can be installed anywhere and is very economical. It is inexpensive and easy to install. Whether a law firm or a clinic building, office complex or factory premises - the TSE system makes the most advanced security technologies and access control systems available for buildings of all sizes.

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