Video sensors

IP-VCA Video Content Analyzer

IP-VCA Video Content Analyzer

IP-VCA is enhancing IP cameras by infusing powerful video analytics and event recording in both indoor and outdoor applications.
This solution is cost-effecitve and independent of camera manufacturers or system providers.

IP-VCA guarantees a high level of detection security, combined with a content analyzer tool for marketing statistics. It serves as an integrative solution for existing IP video systems or as a stand-alone solution for demanding applications.

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DMD-4 digital video alarm sensor

DMD-4 - digitaler Video-Alarmsensor

DMD-4 is a digital video sensor providing the ideal solution for fully automated and continuous CCTV surveillance. Potential dangerous situations which might occur for buildings, outdoor premises or access ramps, are early detected by DMD-4 and the user is immediately notified of the situation. This alarm sensor has manifold features optimised for outdoor video surveillance.

DMD-4 captures moving objects and tracks them. It is configured by a user-friendly PC program. Using special filter functions, weather-based false alarms can be prevented.

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