Print ads, advertising spots and screensaver

Here you will find the SANTEC print ads, advertising spots and screensaver. You can view and download them.

Print Ads

These two ads are from early 2010. They can be downloaded here.

Anzeige Juwelier

Anzeige Bank

Jeweller ad
(JPG format, 4.10 MB)

Bank ad
(JPG format, 4.26 MB)


Advertising spots

Collaborating with the advertising agency Serviceplan (Hamburg) ( ), there are 3 SANTEC spots available for you to view and download. Enjoy!


The latest advertising spot called "Prison" is available now:


We are particularly proud of the spot "Gas Station". This spot has won the Silver Lion award in Cannes in 2009. Hence "Gas Station" was the most successful German contribution to the Cannes Festival in 2009. In the news category, you will find the related press release. >>> more

You can also download the spots here:

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The film is a .mpg file.
Gas Station  (ZIP format, 28.20 MB)



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The film is a .mpg file.
ATM  (ZIP format, 16.80 MB)



Without proof - no security and no control.

Secure your property with the SANTEC screensaver.
This is not an ordinary screensaver but it makes your PC/laptop a safety zone using an integrated or a USB webcam. Hence your data is protected from unauthorised access.

How it works:

Install the screensaver onto your computer and run it.
If a stranger now tries to use your computer, an alarm signal is triggered and the webcam is activated. Thus several photos of the intruder are taken. The photos can then be viewed on the computer by its owner.


  • Please pay attention to the Readme file: Readme-file English  
  • Downloading, installation and usage of the screensaver is at your own risk. We don't assume any responsibility for possible damages or failures to your computer caused by the screensaver. If you want to use the screensaver in your office or your workplace, please ensure that you have the right to do so.
  • Due to the numerous types of USB webcams available on the market it may happen that some webcams aren't compatible with the screensaver.
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SANTEC screensaver, English  (EXE format, 19.00 MB)